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2021 Update

Well year we are! A New Year but it feels very much like a continuation of 2020.

We are all being affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Whether you are trying to home school children while keeping up with work commitments, or work in the hospitality sector, the restrictions imposed by the government in December have lingered on into January 2021.

Here at Cranford Estates we are also feeling its affects. Although luckily no one in the team has suffered any ill health the virus seems to be swirling very close. Our business has diversified into a number of areas from power generation and arable farming to festivals and wedding event management, and we have been able to ride much of economic storm.

Our events business has particularly hard hit. All weddings in Summer 2020 were cancelled and many of them were postponed until 2021. We are all just waiting for the vaccine to be pushed out and for the leash to be undone. I am sure you will join us in a big sigh of relief when that happens.

If you are planning a wedding in the Spring or Early Summer of 2021, please contact our event coordinator Emma who will be happy to field any of your queries about events and impact from Covid 19.

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