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Welcome To Cranford Hall Estates

Cranford Hall Estates encompasses a number of ventures based around the villages of Cranford St John, Cranford St Andrew and the surrounding countryside.  The twin villages of Cranford St Andrew and Cranford St John are a delight to walk around, offering timeless limestone cottages and stone walls, a babbling brook and graceful bridge, two Norman Churches, the historic and circular Dovecote, a charming café and a welcoming pub. 


Cranford Hall itself is believed to have history dating back to 1676 when it was owned by the Coo family who were then Lords of the manor of Cranford St John. The 3rd Baronet of London Sir James Robinson bought the estates and the Hall in 1715 and in 1720 built the magnificent Georgian Mansion we have today. The Hall is still the seat of the Robinson family and a private home. The estate now encompasses around 1000 acres of arable land, woodlands and low input pasture areas with several domestic properties around the village. As with many working farms around the UK, diversification is key in order to keep the estate profitable so that it may be handed to the next generation and to avoid it being split up or sold for development.  For this reason the estate is involved with Weddings and Events including a Music Festival, Energy Production, and Conservation.

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