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Autumnal Farming

Well it has certainly been a difficult year on the farm. The wet weather which started in the Summer and seems to have continued off and on until October, has slowed up all of our work on the farm.

This past month the team has been working hard to bring in the Silage used in our AD plant.

Silage Clamp
Cranford Silage Clamp

One of the most difficult things to cope with has been the heavy rains which have turned the fields into quagmires, sticking to tractor tyres and equipment which in turn has been pulled onto the roads and lanes when travelling off field. Our team has worked tirelessly to try and keep these roads clean to a greater or lesser extent.

The fields themselves are still in a terrible state. The heavy equipment used to silage has flatttened the headlands around fields and ruining soil structure. There is not much we can do about this at the moment. We can only wait for a dry period to return so that we can start field work again. Fingers crossed!

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