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Cricket Bat Willows

This week we have been tending to our Cricket Bat willows. These tall and majestic trees have been planted over the past 30 years along the Cranford brook and are harvested once they reach maturity. The growing conditions in the UK are perfect for this kind of tree, which is why the UK still produces most of the willow used in the manufacture of cricket bats. Manufacturing and production of the bats have largely moved to India. This may be one of the few products produced in the UK still to be exported out the Asian Subcontinent.

You may have seen us walking along the brook tending to the trees. We are actually nipping off any side shoots on the trunk and raising the crown of the tree as far as we can reach. This gives us a nice straight trunk without and knots or defects - the ideal timber for the cricket bat.

Cricket Bat Willow
Cricket Bat Willow

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