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HLS Ecology Program

You may have seen around the Estate wide strips of grass and flowering plants along side hedgerows and spinneys. These are purposely seeded havens for wildlife and insects rather than just "set aside" areas of land.

Here at Cranford Estates we have signed up to the governements Environmental Stewardship scheme. The ES is an agri-environment scheme that provides funding to farmers and other land managers in England in return for delivering environmental management on their land. These management schemes include planting a 6 metre wide strip of grass and flowering plants alongside our more traditional agricultural planting to provide ideal habitats for wild animals such as insects, wild birds and small mammals. These habitats as also designed as ecological highways linking woods and other "wild" areas on the estate so that animals can migrate through the Estate.

The wildlife activity we see on the Estate is quite extensive with everything from large animals such as fallow deer and red kites through to chiffchaffs and corn buntings making regular appearances.

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