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What a year!!!

Well what a year we are having in 2020. After the biblical wet weather we received over the winter months we have now been hit by Covid - 19 a particularly nasty virus which has forced the country into lockdown. This has had a massive impact on all our lives and has created a lot of problems in all industries from retail to services.

Here at Cranford Estates we have not been immune to the viruses effects either. We have been able to maintain social distancing across the agricultural side of the business (not difficult when you are farmer!) and luckily none of our staff or families have succumbed. However, our business like everyone elses has been thrown into upheaval. Although farming continues apace with spring cropping and ecological work going on, its our events and rental businesses which have been hit hard.

Weddings and Events.

With the uncertainty over social gatherings many of our weddings have been postponed until later in the year or over into 2021. If you were planning to have wedding this year you will undoubtably have thought about this. Make sure you contact us early and discuss your plans. We will try our best to accommodate any changes.


The Music Barn Festival has been postponed to 12th September. All tickets purchased for the event in June can be redeemed at the new event.

Rental Properties.

If you are struggling with rent payments please contact our head office to discuss rent holidays or similar processes to help you through this difficult time.

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